The Bridge City Bicycle Co-operative (also referred to as The BCBC and The Community) is a nonprofit, community bicycle repair education and resource co-operative. We offer our members nonjudgmental repair space, tools and instruction during business hours (hours on website) by donation, and educational workshops. We also offer reconditioned/recycled low cost bikes and parts for sale. The BCBC is operated by volunteers; a medley of professionals, students, bike enthusiasts, activists, and other community members who share a love for cycling in Saskatoon. Membership is open to all individuals and is free for anyone to get.

Click here to download our membership form; fill it out and email a screen shot to

Member Rights and Respect Guidelines

The Bridge City Bicycle Co-operative aims to be a safe and respectful environment geared towards education, empowerment and community-building. In order to do so we need your input and support.

Member Privileges

  • Access to the BCBC tools, stands and workspace
  • Access to friendly mechanical assistance and education when available
  • Opportunity to engage in decisions and help to build and develop the community’s vision

Member Responsibilities

Respect and Maintaining a Safe Space

  • Respect others and self
  • Help others
  • Racist, ableist, ageist, homophobic, sexist and classist behavior and language will not be tolerated
  • The BCBC seeks to build a healthy lifestyle community, and behavior seen as hindering this objective will not be tolerated.
  • Ask for help: With tools, processes, and even emotions

Respect the Community

  • Build positive relationships with Community Members
  • Build positive relationships with CNYC employees, volunteers, and patrons

Respect the Space

  • Replace tools when not using them so that others can play too.
  • Do not steal or borrow articles within the space for personal use.
  • If you don’t know what it is or where it goes, ask someone
  • Ensure you always leave time to clean up after yourself and others, and then clean up after yourself
  • If you have to leave in the middle of a project, put pieces into a small bag and attach it to the bike, preferably with your name on the bag.
  • Personal projects may be kept at the BCBC for a maximum of one day; however, this is highly discouraged due to lack of space and the concern for theft.
  • Label your bike with your name, phone number, and the last date you worked on it.
  • Do Not Force Tools, And Use Them Only For Their Intended Use. You break it, you buy it. If you need help or guidance, ask someone! It’s what we’re here for!

Giving Back

  • Our services are free and Members are encouraged to contribute in any way they can. Our vibrancy comes from the volunteer work of a large community with diverse skills and passions. There are so many ways to be a part of this community, regardless of whether or not you know how to change a tire (yet!). Ask how you can help out!

Member Resources