Do you sell bikes?

Yes! Our hard working volunteers and staff fix donated bikes and all proceeds from sales go right back in to getting more bikes out in to the community.

Check here for bicycles currently for sale.

Do you take donations?

Yes! We are accepting parts or adult bicycle donations.

Check out our donation page to see how you can donate.

What does the shop look like?

Check out this video to get an idea of what it’s like. We’re always looking to improve the layout of the shop.

Don’t be surprised if the layout has completely changed when you arrive!

What tools do you have?

We have most common bike tools that any amateur bike mechanic would need. We also have a handful of specialized tools; talk to our friendly staff or volunteers if you’re looking for something in particular.

If you’re wanting to know if we have a specific tool before you come on down to the shop, please email operations@bridgecitybicyclecoop.com.

Tool board

What should I expect on my first visit?

The BCBC can be a pretty busy place – especially in the summer months. Be prepared to wait in the queue until one of our friendly staff or volunteers can help you out or a bike stand comes free. We try to get as many people through the door and riding out happily as we can every shift!

If it’s your first visit to the BCBC you’ll be asked to register at the front desk. You’ll be asked for your name and postal code at a minimum, but we also like to get an email address or phone number in the event your bike is stolen and it makes it’s way back to us.

Can I volunteer?

Yes please! Check out our volunteer page for more information.

Working on bike