Bikes and Merch for Sale

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Due to COVID-19 precautions, the BCBC closed its regular programming. In order to help raise funds for regular operations, we have started selling adult bikes through our new online Square store.

When available we will post new bicycles that will be available for purchase. All bikes are fixed up by our volunteers and ready to ride. Measurements of the bicycles are included in the description and we ask that you use the image below to determine what size of bicycle will fit you.

Once you have purchased the bicycle, email to set up a pick up time.

The BCBC would like to thank you for your understanding, patience, cooperation, and support.

Sizing Guide

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BCBC Bike Sales and Return Policy


BCBC Ready-to-Ride bicycles have been re-furbished to be Safe for the Season.


You should be able to enjoy your bike immediately. The bicycle will be in working condition and meet safe operating standards (e.g. stem is tight, brakes are set properly, no parts are in danger of failure, etc.).

Safe for the Season

You bicycle will not require significant maintenance or changed parts till next “cycling season”. E.g., A bicycle purchased in July will not require it’s hubs to be re-packed till the following April, or the tires (cables, chain, housing, pads, etc.) should last till you put the bike away for the season.

NOTE: it is recommended that Ready-to-Ride bikes undergo a “Winter prep” if to be ridden through the winter. Note that BCBC hosts workshops to help you prepare your bike for winter. Check the website for dates and times.


Customizing a Ready-to-Ride bike (e.g., adding racks/baskets or fenders, swapping out parts or adding upgraded parts) is not included in the purchase of the bike. Added parts are by paid by donation. Note the suggested donation prices posted at the BCBC shop.

BCBC staff/volunteers will assist in finding and installing the parts in the same manners as a DIY guided tune-up, or repair, with the understanding that the customer will be asked to donate for the used parts.

Mechanical Oversights (within one month of purchase)

If within one month of purchase your bike requires significant maintenance because of a mechanical oversight (see safe for the season) bring it back to the BCBC and our volunteers will work with you to make the repairs and you will not be asked to make a donation for the replaced parts. This tends to oversights on the BCBC’s part not damage due to use (e.g., bike crash, pinch flats, bent derailleur from improper shifting, etc…).

*If there is an irreparable failure due to a mechanical oversight (e.g., bent/cracked frame, broken part that can’t be replaced) you will receive a full refund for the price of the bicycle.