Board of Directors


BCBC 2015-2016 Board of Directors – Back (from left to right): Jamal, Arlin, Nathan, Adam, Patrick. Front (from left to right): Victor, Stan, Vicky, Kev.

  • Adrien Blais
  • Matt Kozun (secretary)
  • Drew Larson
  • Angie Li
  • Arlin Schaffel (co-chair)
  • Rob Stanviloff (treasurer)
  • Stan Yu (co-chair)

BCBC Board:

BCBC Committee List

This team handles coordinating and training volunteers for the shop and special events.

Work to engage new members and keep existing members up to date on whats      happening at the BCBC.


This  team work on the digital aspect of the BCBC, such as; website, online        applications and any other tech work!

Hiring of new staff.

Finance works with the Treasurer of the board to follow the expenditure, donations and receival of grants for the organization.

Organizes and execute special events  such as; cycling shorts (annual fundraiser), workshops, other events that may occur throughout the year.

Work to build and maintain partnerships with other organizations that support and may fund the BCBC. Reaserached and writes grants that will help with funding for the BCBC.

Handles the ordering of shop supplies and maintain the stock parts, tools, and other equipment.

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Meeting Minutes

We store all of our Meeting Minutes in Google Docs.
You can view them in all of their glory, right here.