Board and Staff

Board of Directors

BCBC Board:

Left to Right Front – Garret Hantke, Pam Groat, Ashely Marshall, Dana Durell, Deborah Whittingstall, Rebecca Zakreski, Stan Yu. Back – Bill Henley, Aaron Gaudet, Graeme Donaldson



Positions and emails

Pam Groat (Co-Chair) –

Bill Henley (C0-Chair) –

Aaron Gaudet (Treasurer) –

Garret Hantke (Secretary) –

Graeme Donaldson –

Stan Yu  –

Deborah Whittingstall –

Dana Durell –

Rebecca Zakreski –





Ashely Marshall – Operations Manager

BCBC Committee List

Volunteer & Membership Engagement Committee (V&M)

The membership and Volunteer Engagement Committee is responsible for recruiting and engaging volunteers and members in BCBC operations and events. This includes: membership and volunteer recruitment, membership and volunteer database management, member communications, coordinating volunteers, being a liaison between volunteers and other committees.

Members: Pam (Chair), Margot, Bill, Angie

Shop Operations Committee (Shop Ops)

The Shop Committee exists to handle overall shop operations at the BCBC. This includes managing shop organization, construction projects, part inventory management, tool & asset management, as well as organizing workshops.

Members: Garth (Chair),  Arlin

Software & Digital Development Committee (Digital)

The Software & Digital Development Committee exists to recommend, create, and maintain software solutions for the BCBC, in order to assist and facilitate operations, campaigns, communication, and organization. Currently this includes the following projects: BCBC website, BTWD website, File Management (Dropbox & Google Drive), Volunteer and Member management system (Yellow Bike Project database). The committee also focuses on open source solutions in an attempt to give back to the cycling community at large

Members: Arlin (chair), Drew, Rowan

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is a hybrid committee taking care of the financial & admin concerns for the BCBC. Presently, the committee is seasonal in nature with the primary duties of annual reporting to the ISC along with planning and implementing annual general meetings. Throughout the year, financial and administrative management of the BCBC are handled by individual members. The Finance Committee are also currently taking care of grant opportunities and financial resource management for the BCBC.

Members: Aaron (Chair), Stan, Mery

Partnership & Events Committee (P&E)

The Partnerships & Events Committee has three main functions: to coordinate BCBC-hosted events, many of which are held in partnership; to coordinate BCBC involvement / presence at community events; and to oversee strategic partnerships with other organizations along with pertinent stakeholders. This committee works quite closely and collaboratively with all other BCBC committees. A list of past, present, and potential BCBC-hosted events, community events and partnerships can be found in the BCBC Partnerships document.

Members: Stan (chair), Mery, Crystal

All BCBC Members are welcome to join any of the committees they have interest in. Just send an email to the appropriate committee or more information.

Download Incorporation Bylaws

Meeting Minutes

We store all of our Meeting Minutes in Google Docs.
You can view them in all of their glory, right here.


Previous Board of Directors


Left to right Front row: Garth Sheard, Mery Mendoza, Stan Yu Middle row: Darren Gull, Arlin Schaffel, Pam Groat, Bill Henley Back row: Andrew Crawford, Aaron Gaudet



Left to right (Back) Arlin Schaffel, Allan Stewart, Bryce Drew, Sheldon Alderton, Pam Groat (Front) Mery Mendoza, Stan Yu